dental implants

What is;
A dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement (a small titanium screw, a high quality and purity, which replaces the tooth root is missing). The implant is integrated with the jaw and becomes the support for the replacement tooth. With implants can replace one, several or all teeth in the mouth. Used to support a tooth, fixed bridges, to partial or full denture. thus helps the artificial tooth, which allows for normal speech and chewing. The artificial tooth implants appear identical to natural teeth. Dental implants are very successful way to replace teeth due to their inclusion in the bones. So we get a very solid foundation for the artificial tooth, which allows for normal speech and chewing. The implants with artificial teeth, most often best seen from the original natural teeth.
When placed:
- The construction of complete dentures is problematic. - Partial or complete dentures may not be accepted by the patient. - Missing teeth can not be restored with a fixed bridge. - Adjacent a deficit teeth (even a single tooth) is healthy (avoid grinding healthy teeth for bridges). - The need for better aesthetics and chewing ability to restore "sense of natural teeth".
implant clinicConditions
The conditions to be placed one or more implants are: - To have a check and if necessary treat any disease in the teeth remaining in the mouth. - The general health situation so permits. - Be made meticulous care of oral hygiene. - To be followed thoroughly reviews the program and support the implant. - Implants are suitable for everyone. - Implants are a good choice for replacing lost teeth in all adult patients whose health is in good condition. The jaw should have enough density to accept the implant. It is important that there are diseases (such as uncontrolled diabetes), which will hinder recovery after surgery, and there are no complications for the patient.
This is a simple and painless procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia and dental nefroliptoanalgisia (drunkenness), then the patient selection. The work required the surgical step performed in the same session. The prosthetic restoration are completed in 3-5 months. Before placing implants dentist and oral surgeon make a thorough examination of the mouth with x-ray images of the jaw and medical visits, diagnostic tests, models. First, radiological tell whether there is enough space for the implants, if the bone is strong enough, and if you need to insert new bone at the point designed to place the implants. radiological examination to determine the exact placement of the titanium wedge is required. The surgical procedure for the placement of implants is performed under local anesthesia. In the early days there may be swelling and bruises on the gums. On the day of surgery, patients taking analgesic and antiinflammatory drugs. To reduce swelling ice packs used in the first 24 hours. Usually they are given antibiotics to prevent possible infection postoperatively. Better be quick. If there is pain usually associated with infection or implant failure. Before placing the final crowns, temporary crowns are made.
implant clinic- One of the most important advantages of dental implants is that they are stable basis for artificial teeth, and that maintains the integrity of the adjacent teeth and bone structure. With traditional methods, the healthy adjacent teeth must be sharpened to rely on them a crown or a bridge. Additionally, because the root of the tooth is not replaced, the bone may be atrophied in the course and to fall further. If the use of the implant selected, the dental implant replaces the lost tooth root and a stable base for the artificial tooth, without thereby be sharpened adjacent healthy teeth. - Dental implants improve appearance because they look and give the feeling of our own teeth. - Improve speech and comfort. - Make it easier to chew and give back the smile returning esteem lost with the loss of teeth. - Improves the oral health because they do not use adjacent teeth and last for many years. - With proper care, the term is for life. - It is more desirable and convenient since no wiggle in the mouth and do not require adhesives to stay in place. - Dental implants placed in many difficult cases and provide long-term solutions, exempt patients from the stress of the denture, making it possible to the patient to Fei any food, clean speech and beautiful smile without any alteration of facial features patient.